Got to Move (32 Blues)

Reviewed by Eric Steiner

Even among blues aficionados, Homesick James is not a household word. That's too band. I hope Got to Move, one of 32 Blues' newest reissues, changes all that. Homesick began with Big Bill Broonzy, Memphis Minnie, and Sonny Boy (John Lee) Williamson, and these influences shine through on "Can't Afford to Do It," "That's All Right" or "Highway 51." By the time he laid these tracks down in the studio, he was in his mid-80's, but Got to Move is more than a link to blues history. Homesick's got a great studio band behind him with Jeff Levine on piano, Joe Rosato on bass and Ron Thompson on guitar (not to mention an uncredited drummer who knows how to power a blues band). Homesick does his cousin, Elmore James, mighty proud on this disc: "Baby Please Set A Date," the uptempo "Hawaiian Boogie" and one of my favorite blues songs of all time, "Dust My Broom." Yes, Elmore would be proud. And for a bluesman, nothing need more be said. Check out Homesick James for some great slide guitar, plugged-in Chicago style.

Track List:

Can't Afford to Do It * Tin Pan Alley * Mr. Pawnshop Man * Baby Please Set A Date * Welfare Girl * Hawaiian Boogie * Dust My Broom * That's All Right * Highway 51 * Tennessee Woman * Got to Move * Bein' With the One You Love * Homesick's Woman * Homesick Talking

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