Dan On The Moon (Terminix)

Reviewed by Shaun Dale

Dr. Dan Matrazzo has played the jam band circuit inside out since his days with Steve Vai and Jeff Sipe in Winter. He went from there to Gatemouth Brown's band before hooking up with Col. Bruce Hampton. Then it was off to co-found the Aquarium Rescue Unit, back to the Colonel for a stint in the Fiji Mariners and then onward to play with Blues Traveler, Widespread Panic, Cowboy Mouth, Gov't Mule, Butch Trucks and many more. Heck of a resume for a Berklee trained keyboard player.

And now he's got a heck of an album all his own. Well, OK, he had help. Bassist Sam Sims and drummer Lil John handle most of the rhythm chores, and John Holder is the primary guitarist, with assists from David Z and Warren Haynes. David Z was also on hand to produce, engineer and mix the music. But make no mistake, it's the good Doctor's disc. His keyboards are in front of everything and his name shows up in the composer credits to every track, either alone or with others.

Overall, it's a strong effort that only suffers from the traditional jam band in the studio syndrome - when it really works, you wish it was twice as long, and when you're not sure if it's really working, you're sure it would if it were live. And twice as long.

A treat for fans of funk and jam bands in general.

Track List:

Prowler * Rollin' * Shock Treatment * Uncle Honk * Shop * Karma Limbo * Timeless * Mia's Tears * Move On * Goodbye 20

© 2000 - Shaun Dale