Black Out (Saddle Creek)

Reviewed by Holly Day

Ah, yes, another shining example of the Nebraska phenomena-that is, of course, that no one from Nebraska can write a happy, carefree song (or book, for that matter) to save their life. As a refugee from those faded, wind-swept plains myself, I can only point to growing up surrounded by houses that haven't seen paint for decades, Purina pet chow factories and rendering plants stinking up the air, and state parks named after historic forest fires as the culprit to this underlying darkness that permeates all works that come from Nebraskan artist-types. This album is no exception to the rule-beautifully moody, dark, folky music with the occasional brilliant burst of a synthesizer's trill making for a brief moment of levity before plunging the album back into its otherwise constant depressing depths. Oh, I like it, yes I do-makes me feel terribly homesick.

© 2002 - Holly Day