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Are You Ready? (Sudden Death)

Reviewed by Alan Wright

Here's a crazy new release! It's DOA paired up with Metal strongman Thor, who you may remember was that Canadian heavy metal guy who was a professional weightlifting champion who also did Heavy Metal and in his stage show he'd bend iron bars and other strongman stunts. I actually met Thor a couple of years ago at a show and he was a real nice and interesting guy. This isn't the first time D.O.A. and Thor have hooked up. Thor and D.O.A. singer Joey Keithley starred in a movie together called Graveyard. I was a little disappointed in getting this because I'd heard about it, and I thought it was going to be DOA backing up Thor, which would've been really interesting. The DOA tracks on here include hockey-themed songs, some of which have already appeared on previous DOA releases such as "Festival Of Atheists" and "Win The Battle." Only "Are U Ready," "Beat 'Em, Bust 'Em" and "Overtime" are new to these ears. I'm not sure where the Thor tracks come from, and the comic book element of his music is still intact, although it seems heavier than his '80s stuff, which I recall being kinda cheesy sounding. "Call Of The Triumphant" is pretty funny. "Search & Destroy" (not the Stooges song) is actually really cool, and almost sounds like it could be D.O.A backing him up! Mostly, though, this is a pretty fun release, and the cover art rules.

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© 2003 - Alan Wright