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Self-titled (Bebek Music)

Reviewed by DJ Johnson

It's called Bebek, it's by Bebek, and it's on a label called Bebek Music. Looks like they're trying to plant the seeds of name recognition early here. They ought to, because the product is worth the effort. The music, for the most part, is low to mid-tempo rock with a Mediterranean flavor, terrific mystique and exotic trappings that are just far out enough to demand your attention. While the main vibe of a song might be maintained by drums, bass and Hammond organ, guitarist Nero Catalano will give it an entirely different crosscurrent by overdubbing a bouzouki part. Clarinet is used as an exotic instrument (played by Seth Meicht) with spine-tingling results on "Grace 6 5," and all through the album there are other equally effective instruments that aren't listed in the liners. I'm not sure what they are, but I know what I like. Something else I like is the rich, beautiful, soulful voice of Lynn Michalpoulas. If she's not a classically trained vocalist, I'd be more than a little surprised, as she has amazing control and presence, and with the complex melodies of Bebek, nothing less than a highly skilled, confident vocalist would do. Nick Michalpoulas works triple-time on keyboards, laying down layers of sound, from traditional organs to chirpy synths to fluid synth-bass lines to boost the already powerful drumming of Aaron Roussakis. And when they get that synth-bass synched up with bassist Jameison Ledonio, and Lynn's voice soars over the top of all that sound, Bebek is dangerous, baby.

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© 2005 - DJ Johnson