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Eternal Return (Hassan's Rumpuss Room)

Reviewed by John Sekerka

Every decade or so Black Boot Trio manage to settle their differences, sort out their convoluted lives, and put down their beer stein's long enough to record a new platter. And here she is folks, in primo Johnny Cash black glory. Yup, this one might have a little more speedy country snap to it, but there's no hiding the agonizing depravity which shares common burial ground with the likes of Gun Club and Nick Cave. Steve Fai has developed his one trick pony snarl into a veritable dynamic dynamo, infusing his repertoire with a Lyle Lovitt lilt, a John Prine drawl, and even a bit of a Hank Williams hiccup. Still it is the original man in black that haunts these grooves, and that ain't a bad thing at all. No sir. Devil music with a rusty edge, peppered with the odd smirk never gets old. Till the next decade then...

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© 2005 - John Sekerka