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Living Room Sessions (Spade Kitty)

Reviewed by Shaun Dale

A boy, his guitars and an Apple Powerbook. There's a lot of potential there, and Graham Cousens fills up more than his share on his Spade Kitty debut, Living Room Sessions. The title is quite literal. The ten tracks on the disc are home recorded, featuring Cousens on a variety of guitars and bass. The quality of production is first rate throughout, though, and if Cousens' own performance and recording schedule don't prevent it, I'd think he could find a steady list of performers in need of a helpful hand at the studio controls.

Production values, though, are only really valuable in terms of the quality of the music they serve. That being true, the songs Cousens has crafted deserve the very best presentation he can muster. Little pop jewels, with the obligatory echoes of the obvious (the Beatles) and some less so (say, mid-career Donovan), but a freshness that's rooted in real originality, too.

Really, it's just a great sounding record of terrific pop songs. They shouldn't be that hard to find, but they are, which makes this one a treasure.

Track List:

Julia * Holy Roller * When I Was Around * Comfort Me * So Long * Emily * Lucky Stars * Help Me Help Myself * Anymore * I'm A Gonna

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