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Let's Go (Maximum)

Reviewed by John Sekerka

Good record, great story. After shaking all over Winnipeg (who hasn't?), The Guess Who tried to invade Britain, and failed. Miserably. Back in Manitoba, flat broke and about to call it a day, they auditioned for a new CBC music program. By covertly procuring the audition song list in advance, they passed with flying colours even though two members couldn't read music (criteria for the gig). So in 1967 The Guess Who became stars by playing covers on national television. Aping the Doors, Cream and The Zombies eventually gave way to original material and the rest, as they say, is history. Collected here is a nice mish mash of covers and early Bachman/Cummings efforts rescued from the boob tube vaults. Best of all are two videos of the mop tops in action in glorious grainy black and white.

© 2005 - John Sekerka