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Heavy Trash (Yep Roc)

Reviewed by DJ Johnson

Had I just read the sticker on the cover of Heavy Trash, or the liners, I could have saved myself some time. I agonized for about half an hour trying to figure out what the extra element was in this music. There's a Cramps thing happening, and a bit of late-70s Stones trash, but there's something else, and it's the thing that makes this music latch onto your cerebral cortex and hang on, immediately addicting you. It's the off in its kilter and the left in its field and it's cool beyond belief.

Ah... The sticker. Jon Spencer! And as if Spencer wasn't apt to take this music far enough off the beaten track on his own, we've got Matt Verta-Ray (Madder Rose, Speedball Baby) to keep the ball curving at a radical angle. What a pairing! Verta-Ray's a versatile guitarist/bassist with a rootsy rockabilly muse, which makes him the perfect partner for Spencer and his surrealist approach to rock and roll.

Heavy Trash may actually be a bit overwhelming for the uninitiated on first listen, but after the initial shock it'll just get better with every listen, and there's so much to hear that you can play it over and over for quite a while before it's all familiar territory. It's crazy, it's hyper and it's not quite like anything else you've got in your collection. Loaded with the spirit of rock and roll, and that's the most important thing.

© 2005 - DJ Johnson