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Sunrise Over Sea (Lava Records)

Reviewed by Eric Steiner

Australia's John Butler Trio's American label debut, Sunrise Over Sea, is a mixture of traditional folk, blues, and world music. Lava Records is an imprint of Atlantic, and the talentspotters at this venerable American music institution will help US listeners discover an artist who weaves rap, hip hop, dobro and djembe around 14 original songs. Sunrise Over Sea has sold extremely well Down Under: four times certified platinum in Australia and platinum in New Zealand. One of my favorite songs on Sunrise Over Sea, "Zebra," earned the John Butler Trio the Song of the Year honors at last year's APRA Awards (Australia's ASCAP/BMI counterpart). This year marks the John Butler Trio's ascent in the US market: 2005 gigs have included the Hammerstein Ballroom, South by Southwest, and the Bonnarroo Music Festival. Next month, they'll play the Telluride Bluegrass Festival as a part of their inaugural US headline tour. Discover sound samples and links to John's own way to give back to emerging Australian artists at

Track List:

Treat Yo Mama * Peaches & Cream * Company Sin * Betterman * What You Want * Damned to Hell * Hello * Bound to Ramble * Seeing Angels * There'll Come a Time * Zebra * Mist * Oldman * Sometimes

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