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Superstition (Drumhead Productions)

Reviewed by Eric Steiner

Chicago-area drummer and producer Patrick Doody's is a regional treasure: he's nurtured the musical aspirations of a constellation of Midwestern musicians including Motor City Josh Ford, Marilynn Claire, and Debbie Seitz, and his latest studio recording showcases contemporary Chicago blues with Joey Drada on guitar and vocals and John Falstrom on acoustic and electric bass. Patrick kept time for the Lonnie Brooks blues band for over ten years, and has made a living as a working bluesman with his own Tinley Park, Illinois recording studio and Drumhead Productions. Drada's original and fluid playing fuels Jimmy Rogers' "Walking By Myself" and even though this project originally started out as a demo to get the word out about the Patrick Doody Group, Superstition is more than that. Demos that I receive usually have song snippets, but Superstition is the real blues deal. Joey's exceptional command of the six-string shines through each of Superstition's nine full-length cuts. John Falstrom's bass provides a solid foundation for each song, and although Patrick and John have shared Chicago-area stages for many years, their work on Superstition is instinctual. Check out for the latest from a world-class drummer who is as adept at helping musicians realize their potential in the studio as he is with two drumsticks in his hands. A clean, crisp and balanced production, Superstition is a good introduction to a group of talented musicians working hard to keep the blues alive in the Chicago area.

Track List:

Mercury Blues * I'm Ready * I Just Want to Make Love to You * Walking By Myself * Born Under a Bad Sign * LIttle By Little * Messin' with the Kid * Take It Like a Man * Rock Me

© 2005 - Eric Steiner