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Beach & Guitar Surf And Hawaiian Style
(Rolltop Music)

Reviewed by Ron Saranich

Beach & Guitar is a wonderfully authentic homage to surf music. Tim Coffman, a versatile and multi-talented artist, wrote all eleven songs while playing acoustic and electric guitar, bass, synth, drums, percussion, piano, keyboards, strings, effects, synth pad, and even vocals. He's joined by a slew of other excellent musicians in various combinations of instruments. The liner notes mention how Coffman recorded the CD using vintage mics, recording gear, and instruments to get the sound he wanted. This careful attention to detail rewards the listener with a superbly crafted, aurally delightful effort.

It's obvious that all involved in making this CD had a blast. The solos are delivered with enthusiasm, wit and drive, transporting the listener to their favorite beach and producing smiles as bright as the tropical sun. As the showery days of April approach, run down to your local music store, buy this CD, grab your favorite cold beverage, kick back, elevate your feet, and surf the waves of fine music lovingly offered by Coffman and his friends. It doesn't get any better than this.

© 2005 - Ron Saranich