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It Came From Nashville (Landslide Records)

Reviewed by Eric Steiner

Last September, Landslide Records released the "Deluxe Full-Grown Edition" of Webb Wilder's first and long out of print CD, It Came from Nashville. There's the 16 high-energy tracks of the original disc, plus six additional bonus live and unreleased tracks like the hard-charging "Pretty Little Lights of Town" and "Hole In My Pocket." Rediscovering Webb Wilder is an exciting trip to great Americana roots music. It Came From Nashville includes covers of Steve Earle's "The Devil's Right Hand," Roy Orbison's "Move On Down the Line," and Steve Forbert's "Samson and Delilah's Beauty Shop." Fans of Junior Brown and rockabilly will be very glad It Came from Nashville. This month, Webb Wilder and the Nashvegans will play the Americana Music Association's showcase during the SXSW Music Festival in Austin at Antone's on March 17. If you can't get to Austin, look for Webb Wilder's new studio CD, It's About Time, produced by long-time collaborator R.S. Field, later this month. Better yet, pick It Came From Nashville up at

Track List:

How Long Can She Last? * Horror Hayride * I'm Burning * Is This All There Is? * Devil's Right Hand * Move On Down The Line * One Taste Of The Bait * I'm Wise To You * It Gets In Your Blood * Poolside * Ruff Rider (dedicated to Broderick Crawford, 1911-86) * Keep It On Your Mind * Rock 'n Roll Ruby * Samson And Delilah's Beauty Shop * Cactus Planet * Dance For Daddy * Adam Dread Intro * Rock Therapy * Who Is Webb Wilder? * Hole In My Pocket * Webb Wilder Credo * Pretty Little Lights Of Town * Inner Space Rap * Rocket To Nowhere * Steppin' Out * Webb's Theme (Guns, Girls, and Hillbilly Music)

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