Gladshot (Frankly Mills Music)

Reviewed by DJ Johnson

Gladshot walk a tightrope, with the energetic world of power pop on one side and the sweeter, warmer sound of Americana on the other. When they hit the jangle-boxes and throw out the perfect harmony choruses, the darts all hit and stick, planting the sound firmly in your mind for future use. Between those moments they spin confessional, introspective segments that definitely smack of Americana, containing all the warmth and insight that implies, while avoiding the one-dimension trap it often springs. The combination of sounds and styles is just about perfect. Led by a pair of top-notch songwriters (Debbie Andrews and Mike Blaxill), Gladshot has the material to earn, at the very least, a dedicated cult following. Beyond that it's up to radio to decide if it fits the format. "Running Past Rosetta" would seem the perfect choice, as it has their most infectious harmonies and is easily the best pop tune overall. If it doesn't get the attention it deserves, I'm not going to write 'em off. I have a feeling Gladshot hasn't played their ace yet.

© 2000 - DJ Johnson