Garbage Days Regurgitated EP (Nitro Records)

Reviewed by David J. Klug

It's been about nine years since I first met Sloppy Seconds' lead singer, B.A., in jail. At the time he gave me a cassette copy of his band's tunes, a tape that I long ago destroyed through repeated listens. Once formed, Sloppy Seconds took the same route down loud-hard-fast- yeah avenue that the Queers so brilliantly did ten years before them. Sloppy Seconds are a punk band, tried and true, but they're also too much fun to be held accountable for just about anything else.

Be fair warned, Garbage Days Regurgitated is all covers, and many bands have stalled when they release cover tunes-especially an album's worth. But it's fitting that this EP is what it is, since the band was so-named for their slaughter of the few tunes they first attempted to cover back in the day. Regardless, cover songs are also an integral part of Sloppy Seconds' live repertoire. On Garbage Days they've matured to the point of being able to crank off seven covers so good that it's worth the nostalgic head rush alone. Their selection is highly commendable too, with "I Won't Grow Up," from the musical Peter Pan and originally covered by the Fools, "(I'm Gonna) Run Away" by Joan Jett, "Poor Little Rich Girl" by Dee Dee Ramone," and the best cut, "I Wanna Go Home," by Holly and the Italians. They even uncover an early Stiff Records' release called "Kill" by Alberto y Los Trios Paranoias. I thought I'd heard everything Stiff ever released, which proves there's probably plenty here that many people have yet to experience.

Hailing and surviving as a band from an urban realm of Indiana is cause enough for celebration- Sloppy Seconds will take their party to Asia, Australia and back to the USA in support of Garbage Days and their most recent full-length, 1998's More Trouble Than They are Worth (Nitro) . Oh, about that jail time…I commuted to Indianapolis from Chicago as a civilian employee, and worked with B.A. for the city police department. I never did get to know him well, though I remember he always smiled. Gabba, hey…

© 2000 - David J. Klug