Versus The Doomsday Machine (Dionysus)

Reviewed by Shaun Dale

Listen up people. I told all of you to go out and buy the Treblemaker's last album, Flippin' The Bird, but reliable sources tell me that at least some of you failed to do so. OK, OK, you have plenty of excuses. It was a hard to find pricey import. You spent your allowance on a lifetime supply of Sex Wax. Your dog ate the review. Whatever.

Here's your chance for redemption. The Treblemakers have a new one out, and this time it's on Dionysus Records, located right there in Burbank, CA, US of plentiful supply at domestic prices A. So if you're reading this in the US, one excuse is shot. If you really bought a lifetime supply of Sex Wax, you obviously don't need anymore. And if your dog ate your monitor, he's dead now and it can't happen again.

So buy this album.

You'll get your vintage Fender gitars, your Farfisa Mini-Compact, your reverb, your whammy-bars and all the other ingredients required for surf music the way you want it. And you'll get it all from a quartet of guys from Montreal, the surf capitol of Quebec, who play real good and have so much obvious fun doing what they do that you're bound to have fun listening to it. And they really need your help, because anybody with enough time to think up these song titles certainly can't have time for a day job.

Besides, they're fighting off the doomsday machine, for chrissake! Saving the world from a fate worse than some other fate! So jeez, people, the least you can do is buy the album. OK?

Track List:

Waiting For The Apocalypse * The Great White Lunch Hour * Exploding Bikers From Hochelaga * Freakshow * Rubber Duckies * Lawnmower Drag '99 * Organ Failure * Seven Seconds To Perfection * The Sheriff Of Chinatown * The Lonesome Cretin * Ebola * Countdown At Ground Zero * The Shmirnoff Conspiracy * The Dentures In Space * Squarewave

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