The Prayer (VP)

Reviewed by Eric Steiner

Claudelle Clark's The Prayer opens with a raucous medley of 17 gospel songs beginning with "Born Again" and ending with "Rock Holy." The Prayer is Claudelle's first VP disc and her follow-up to her work on VP's Reggae Songs of Praise. The Prayer showcases her fine alto, backed by a soulful choir arranged by Dean Fraser and Jason Sterling at Heavybeat Sound Studios. The upbeat "All Alone" shouldn't be pidgeonholed into reggae gospel: there's as much feeling in this tune to rival traditional Southern Baptist revival music. "Champion of Love" brings us back to a reggae beat with Claudelle's band as they use programmed drums and strong backup vocals in Leba Hibbert, Fiona Robinson, Paul Murray, Sherida Sharpe, Althea Lane, and Verice. The call and response of "I Am Homesick for Heaven" recalls more traditional stateside gospel, and Claudelle Clark's passion shows through. Rev. Tenor sits in on "Giving Thanks" and he thanks the production team and the musicians before closing this 25 song set of inspirational songs flavored with a reggae beat.

Track List:


Born Again * He Lifted Me Up * I So Glad Jesus Set Me Free * He Set Me Free * I Am Free * I Want A Revival * Blessed Holy Ghost Come Down * Mother The Great Stone * The Water Trouble * I Am Inviting You All * Are You Wash * There is Power in the Blood * Get on the Glory Road * What a Happy Time * Siren The Man of Siren * The Blood Prevail * Rock Holy Interlude His Name * The Prayer * His Name * All Alone * Champion of Love * I Am Homesick for Heaven * Giving Thanks

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