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Take Me Anywhere (Naga Night Records)

Reviewed by Eric Steiner

I've pined for years for the days when I'd find a band led by a woman, with literate lyrics, hard-charging punk guitars, and riffs to bring me back to Blondie or the Pretenders of a quarter century ago. Honey Tongue has made it worth the wait. Take Me Anywhere, produced by Brett Eliason (Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Jewel), features a dozen hard-edged songs from Jen Ayers on vocals, Graham McNeill on guitar, and the driving rhythm section of Sam Larson on bass and Darnton Lewis behind the drums. While Take Me Anywhere has its share of full-tilt punk rockers, they are just as competent when they slow down on the introspective ballads like "Runaway" or the soulful "Like Diamonds," all wrapped up in Jen's sultry vocals and Graham's soaring guitar. Two other cuts grabbed my attention and they seemed to bookend my musical tastes: the pure punk of "Overrated," a sub-3 minute assault (weren't all the great Clash cuts short ones?), or the slow love song "Bye Love." It's been a awhile since I've heard such a listenable and talented band like Honey Tongue, and they're continuing to tour 20 dates a month, so go see 'em live. Tour updates:

Track List:

Take Me Anywhere * Superstatic * One Step Closer * Runaway * New Beginning * Senator * Like Diamonds * Ferocious * Overrated * 16 (The Alley Song) * Released * Bye Love

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