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The In-Laws (Bulletproof)

Reviewed by Shaun Dale

This eclectic mix of music from the movie The In-Laws is notable for a couple reasons, one of which is that very eclecticism. The big news, though, is the inclusion of a previously unreleased Paul McCartney track, "A Love For You," along with a previously unreleased version of "Live And Let Die." Other than those, though, this is all music that can be found elsewhere. Just the same, it's all good music, and interesting to hear in this sequence, as well as excellent fodder for mix CDs of your own devising.

Track List:

Paul McCartney (A Love For You) * Badfinger (No Matter What You Are) * Electric Light Orchestra (Don't Bring Me Down) * Paul McCartney (Live And Let Die) * Elvis Presley (It's Now Or Never) * Bee Gees (Wedding Day) * Paul McCartney (I'm Carrying) * KC & The Sunshine Band (Get Down Tonight) * Chic (Good Times) * Cameo (Word Up) * All Too Much (More Than A Friend) * B.J. Thomas (Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head) * Ella Fitzgerald (Sunshine Of Your Love) * Mel Torme (Too Close For Comfort) * Michel LeGrand (Di-Gue-Ding-Ding) * Claudine Longet (A Man And A Woman (Un Homme et Une Femme)) * Yma Sumac (Gopher Mambo)

© 2003 - Shaun Dale