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Night Raid On Lisbon Street (Flapping Jet Records)

Reviewed by Alan Wright

This was recorded in 2001 and released last year, but it only seems to be getting out to reviewers like me now. That said, this was a trio featuring Johnny Strike from the infamous Crime, Jimmy Crucifix from hardcore legends Crucifix and Biff O'Hara. This is some really great rockin' punk stuff, with lots of great guitar riffs and a dark, moody feel. In some ways, it's not that far off from what Johnny was doing in Crime. In fact, they redo the first Strike-written Crime single, "Hot Wire My Heart," in a slightly different arrangement that works really well. They also cover Sonic Youth's "Pacific Coast Highway" (SY covered "Hot Wire" on their "Evol" album which PCH is from) and 1930s blues legend Robert Johnson's eerie "Last Fair Deal Gone Down."

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